Feature Summary

 The following features are available for inclusion in your web site.
  • Edit pages directly through the website using WSWYG in-line Content Editor. No special skills required. 
  • Advanced Access Control provides for public, private, including private areas for multiple individual groups.
  • Accept content from multiple indivudal contributors with controlled workflow approval process.
  • Content can be time-bounded with specified start and stop publishing dates.
  • Special Announcement and Newsflash functions.  
  • Event and activity calendars with support for on-line event registration and even on-line payments.
  • Electronic newsletters generated from website content.
  • Registration for members, volunteers, supporters, with automated e-mail verification and password resets.
  • Personal member profile pages with control for public, private, and group only access.
  • Member to member connections and private messaging with invitation capability to recruit new members.
  • Document respository and archives for important documents with download capability.
  • Photo albums and multi-media galleries.
  • Business and organizational directories.
  • Dynamic form creation and data collection.
  • Complex community member surveys.
  • Interactive chat.
  • Search functions.
  • Seamless integration of multiple-media from YouTube and other sources.
  • Payment processing with support for funds raising campaigns and/or e-commerce acitivities.
  • Newsletter generation and management with multiple subscription lists and automatic archving.
  • Integration with your social media pages.
  • Discussion forums with restricted access.
  • Integrated Wiki for team based knowledge creation.
  • e-mail accounts for your adminstrative team.
  • No limit on the number of website pages.
  • Detailed analytics to let you know what pages are the most popular.      
  • Custom design and set-up done for you.


Robust Content Management System

The heart of our DyKIDo! platform is a robust content management system that allows for the generation of website content from a community of contributing authors in a controlled and managed fashion. The system supports content creation and editing directly throught the website and automatically manages the approval and publishing process.
  • Role base authoring and content approval
  • Automatic notification and workflow management
  • On-line text editor with support for rich media
  • Time bounded content publishing  

Access Control for Public and Private Areas

DyKIDo! supports a sophisticated Access Control List that allows you to control what content and functions individual members and/or groups can access.  This allows you to tightly control who can see content, who can submit content, who can change content on a granular level.  You can create multiple private areas such that groups have access to only their areas.


The DyKIDo forums provides an area for members to post comment and discuss various topics of interest to the community. The forum supports multiple hierarchical topics and discussion threads, with each forum having the ability to be moderator or unmoderator. In the event they are moderated, different and multiple moderators can be defined for each topic area.
Forum content can be set to be publically viewable, restricted to registered users, or only members of a certain group. The same holds for the ability of usere to post messages, and create new topcis or threads.
Users can subscribe to individual topics of interest, and thus be automatically notified when a new message is posted.
Other forum features include:
  • Search
  • Flat or threaded views.  First-post-first last-post-first views.
  • Integration with member profiles
  • Private messaging
  • Ban users, delete banned user posts
  • Moderator ability to split and move topics
  • User avatars
  • User ranks, points, credit, and Karma
  • Thank yous
  • New Indicator
  • Recent Topics
  • Category Index
  • Favorites
  • Attachment upload/download
  • Topic Icons and Badges


Generate and send eletronic newsletters to subscribers and generate electronic marketing campaignes. Newsletter features include:
  • Subscriber e-mail validation and confirmation.
  • Subsriptions for non-members.
  • Import and Export subscription lists.
  • Multiple mailing lists.
  • Include personalized information in newsletters.
  • Schedule Newsletters.
  • Embed Images.
  • View newsletters on-line.
  • Automated newsletter creation.
  • Automated send process.
  • Bounce Back Handling.
  • Chart / statistics of each newsletter success.
  • Automatic archiving in website.
  • CAN-SPAM compliant.

User Registration

A core feature of DyKIDo! is a user registration process that automatically validates user e-mail addresses and assigns each user unique access credentials that can subsequently be used for website access control. You can specify what information a user must provide in order to register, as well as any required approvals.
  • Maintain full control of your community
  • Collect information needed for membership
  • Automated e-mail validation and approval processing 
  • Self-service processing of forgetten ID / password

Document Management

DyKIDo! includes a community document library that allows community members to upload, download, and otherwise share documents of numerous types including .doc, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, etc.  Key features of the document library include:
  • Authorized users can upload documents to add to the shared library.
  • Multiple levels of hierarchical categories and subcategories.
  • Individual documents can be concurrently assigned to multiple categories.
  • Documents can be checked-in and checked out.
  • Work flow process for approval of document publication.
  • Document search system.
  • Download counters to track document access and activity.
  • Documents can be assigned to a group with group e-mail function to notify of changes or request a discussion.
  • Document meta data and description fields

Community Event Calendar

Community calendar with monthly, weekly, and daily views.  List events, along with event details such as location, time, and any other notifications.  Access Control limits who can post events to the calendar and who can read event information. Other features include:
  • Multiple Categories
  • Event Lists
  • Recurring Events
  • Event Filtering
  • Event Registration
  • Event Invitations
  • Event Reminders
  • Event Attendance tracking
  • Meeting Agenda and Minutes links
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Newsletter integration
  • Paid Event Fee collections