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About Us

We focus on delivering solutions, not developing code or selling software.

Our focus is on delivering a complete affordable solution for your organization's specific needs. This begins by working with you to understand your needs and vision. We then source and integrate readily available software and other technology components to produce a solution tuned to your requirements. We do not develop custom software; nor do we sell a standard cookie-cutter product; nor do we deliver peices and parts you must assemble and learn how to use. We integrate market avaialble components to create a complete, ready-to-use, customized solution. We then provide the on-going maintenance and support needed to keep you up and running.

We continually earn your business and protect your investment.

We do not believe in trying to lock-in our customers with proprietary software or long term commitments. We keep our customers by continually meeting their needs and earning their business. If at any time we fail to do so, you can transfer support and hosting of your application to another provider of your choosing. We will supply you with access to all of your application code, current database, configuration information, and even assist in the transfer. You should never need to start from scratch with a complete redesign if you change providers.

We provide affordable custom websites and related solutions for resource limited organizations.

We provide affordable custom websites and related on-line solutions for organizations hindered by either budget constraints and/or limited IT skills or resources. Superior cutting-edge solutions are typically limited to larger enterprises that can afford the expensive internal IT staff needed to develop and maintain custom solutions. Smaller organizations are often relegated to less expensive predefined, mass-produced DIY packages that offer limited capabilities and minimal flexibility. We leverage open-source software to bridge these two worlds.
Our knowledge and expertise in open-source software allows us to take available, pre-existing, and royalty-free software components, and combine them into easy-to-use configurations fit to specific needs. This enables the creation of sohpisticated customized applications without the high cost of either custom software development or proprietary software license fees. We then add in all the other technical and support elements needed to deliver a complete and ready-to-use turn-key solution. Customized solutions can often be delivered at less cost that pre-packaged offerings.

We dedicate ourselves to the long term success of your project.

We know that needs evolve over time and so do the required solutions. At the same time, your organizational capabilities will grow and expand. We continually monitor the health of your solution to offer ways to enhance your momentum, and adjust our level of service to match your capabilities. If and when you reach a level where it makes sense to have your own staff, we will train them, and transfer support of your application to them. We understand that our success depends upon your success in whatever direction you choose to go.

We serve as your trusted technology staff and engage you at your level.

We do not expect or require you to dine on a serving of "alphabet" soup in order to engage with us, or make decisions about a lot of complex technology issues you don't fully understand. As your trusted technology partner, our job is to understand your organization's business needs and goals and then find pragmatic and cost effetive ways to apply technology. Our delivered solutions are then designed to be easy to use and matched to your organization's skills sets, and not require additional support staff or weeks of user training. If you don't have a clear strategy, we can help you develop one. If your not sure of what you need or want, we can help you figure it out. Have an idea or vision, we can help make it a reality.
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