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Small Businesses

A web presence is a critical part of any business’s marketing activity today, as it is the first place a potential customer goes to find more information about your company and offerings. A common belief is if you don’t have a web page, then you can’t be a legitimate business. However, the Internet has also evolved to the point that a few static web pages are no longer an effective web presence. Contemporary websites now serve as a primary touch point for all interactions with your customers, ranging from pre-purchase evaluation to post purchase confirmation and product support. Today's websites are a critical tool in building and maintaining strong relationships with your customers.

Today’s customers want more than just to know about you and your product. They also want to know what other customers say about you as well as know they have a voice. Community communication tools provide a way to address these needs. On-line discussions allow your customers to connect with each other and develop an affiliation with your brand. Monitoring such comments can provide valuable insight into opportunities for innovation, product improvements, and fine tuning of your marketing strategy. Periodic electronic newsletters help keep your customers connected and informed about your products and businesses. You product support costs can also be significantly reduced as contributions from community members build a user generated knowledge base about common questions and how to solve issues and problems.

Building your own interactive website focused on the subject matter of the market you serve can be a very powerful marketing tool. When people turn to the Internet for general information, a vibrant community and knowledge base is exactly what they are seeking. When you are the sponsor of such communities, you name becomes associated with the rich information provided, and you are perceived as the industry leader and subject matter expert. This is turn translates into trust in your brand and a subsequent preference for your products over other alternatives that may not offer the same strength of thought leadership.

A DyKIDo! based website can transform your current business website into the platform needed to develop tighter customer connections and transform you website into your communication gateway with your customers and prospects. Create private areas for preferred customers and channel partners. Provide support information and downloadable product guides, application papers, and market research. Publish articles and content provided by thought leaders in your industry. Allow customers to connect with each other and discuss perceptions and successes achieved through use of your product and services. In essence, convert your customers into word of mouth advocates.
The required capabilities have traditionally been limited to large enterprises that have an internal IT staff or sufficient funding to support custom development of feature rich systems.  Using our open-source based DyKIDo! platform, we put this level of functionality in the hands of small business, providing affordable, fully supported solutions, customized to your specific needs. The result is a high value website that is created and maintained with minimal cost and effort.
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