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What is Web Site Hosting

ALL websites and individual web pages need to reside on a computer that is connected to the Internet.  This computer is called a “web server” and is specifically configured to receive web page requests from browsers on other Internet connected computers, and then find and deliver the desired page. 

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Hosting Service Options

In general, there are four levels of hosting service which differ according to their cost and how resources are allocated for your website.  A good analogy for these differences is a parking lot.  Shared servers are like a parking permit for a controlled access lot.  You get in, but you have to then find an available parking spot, which may be difficult on a busy day, and some providers may sell more permits than they have spaces, betting on not everyone showing up.  VPS (virtual private servers) equate to have a reserved parking space, that is always there for you whether you use it or not.  A little more expensive, but the spot is always there.  A dedicate server is then analogous to owning the parking garage.  You always have all of the space needed, but this approach is overkill for most websites.  Cloud computing is similar to valet parking with an hourly rate.

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Our Hosting Approach

Today’s marketplace offers a wide range of choices for hosting services from competitive providers that all utilize commercial carrier grade data centers.  These offerings create a diversity of options that can be confusing to someone unfamiliar with the subtle technical trade-offs involved in making a decision.  As part of our service, we isolate you from the decision headaches involved by including hosting services as part of our turn-key solution.

Our approach to hosting is a blended service. We operate private server space in a commercial data center, then provide our clients shared access to those private servers.  Since there are private servers, we have full control over the configuration of services on the server, and monitor both the server and individual websites for performance and resource requirements. 

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