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Optional Extensions

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Access shared files from anyhwere.
Create project and team folders.
Controlled access with automatic update notification.

DyKIDo! extensions include a community document library that allows community members to upload, download, and otherwise share documents of numerous types including .doc, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, etc.  Key features of the document library include:
  • Authorized users can upload documents to add to the shared library.
  • Multiple levels of hierarchical categories and subcategories.
  • Individual documents can be concurrently assigned to multiple categories.
  • Documents can be checked-in and checked out.
  • Work flow process for approval of document publication.
  • Document search system.
  • Download counters to track document access and activity.
  • Documents can be assigned to a group with group e-mail function to notify of changes or request a discussion.
  • Document meta data and description fields


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