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Optional Extensions


Support multiple public and private topics.

Maintain archives to create knowledge base.

Automated notice of new postings.


The DyKIDo forums provides an area for members to post comment and discuss various topics of interest to the community. The forum supports multiple hierarchical topics and discussion threads, with each forum having the ability to be moderator or unmoderator. In the event they are moderated, different and multiple moderators can be defined for each topic area.
Forum content can be set to be publically viewable, restricted to registered users, or only members of a certain group. The same holds for the ability of usere to post messages, and create new topcis or threads.
Users can subscribe to individual topics of interest, and thus be automatically notified when a new message is posted.
Other forum features include:
  • Search
  • Flat or threaded views.  First-post-first last-post-first views.
  • Integration with member profiles
  • Private messaging
  • Ban users, delete banned user posts
  • Moderator ability to split and move topics
  • User avatars
  • User ranks, points, credit, and Karma
  • Thank yous
  • New Indicator
  • Recent Topics
  • Category Index
  • Favorites
  • Attachment upload/download
  • Topic Icons and Badges

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