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Our websites are specifically designed for easy addition, change, and management of content without the need for any technical skills or cost of technical support staff.  If you can use Word, you have all the skills needed to use the integrated editor. Using this editor, you can change your webpage information directly on the website from any device without the need for any special software. You simply click on a controlled access "EDIT" button which allows you to directly edit displayed information.  Then click on "SAVE" and changes are immediately displayed on the published webpage.

We provide training and ongoing support on how to add, change, and manage your content.

We also offer content management services where we update and manage your content for you ff you do not wish to deal with updating website information. This can also include researching and sourcing content for your website if you do not already have a collection of information you would like to use.

The system also supports the ability to source content from a community of contributors with advance authoring and publishing approval workflow features.

Additional content services include advanced search engine optimization functions, and built in analytics that track page views, time on page, traffic source, etc., with all traffic information accessible directly from your website.  

User Support

Our goal is to hide the complexities of content and e-community management from you. Therefore an important part of our service is making the system intuitively easy for you to use. First we tune the user interface to match your current level of computer skills and context of your e-community application. Then we train you and your staff on how to interact with the platform. Finally, we are available to answer your questions if and whenever they arise.
Direct Contact
Since a key tenant of our business is making technology simple these calls are extremely important to us, so if you have a question, do not hesitate to call. We do not want you to get frustrated trying to do something. Our desire is to make working with our system intuitively obvious, so whenever you need to reach out for assistance, we have not yet reached our goal. We use your calls to help understand how we can improve our systems. Therefore when you do have a question, you will get a personal and full response matched to your skills.
Personalized Support
You will NEVER be given an answer in acronyms or a string of meaningless letters you don’t understand. You will NEVER be sent a link to read some article posted on a web page about a similar problem. Your inquiry will NOT be answered by a low level technician reading from a troubleshooting script in a call center half way around the globe. You will experience personal interaction with someone extremely knowledgeable with the platform and your application, and dedicated to fully understanding your issue and helping you achieve your goals.

This ongoing user support is part of service and included in your quarterly support fees.

Operational Support and Maintenance

DooWooWoo, LLC. provides turnkey maintenance and support of your DyKIDo! based e-community application for all of the activities discussed below.
Software Updates:
While the use of open-source software can provide for a feature rich and cost effective solution, ongoing system management and maintenance can be a complicated and technically involved task. The functionality delivered in the DyKIDo! Platform results from integrating numerous components from different open source initiatives. Each one of these projects produces periodic updates that include security patches, bug fixes, and functional enhancements.  However, each project issues updates at different times. This creates a continuous stream of product and software updates that need to be applied.
Weekly Backups:
Sometimes website content can be damaged as the result of a system failure or most often from user error. The last thing you want to be faced with is the loss of content it took you months or even years to create.  The best way to mitigate this risk is to periodically back-up your website.  Then if a loss occurs, you can simply return to a prior point in time, and continue from there. We perform weekly back-ups of your entire website and secure the last four weekly images in cloud based storage.  In the event of catastrophic failure of a data center, we can quickly bring your website back on line from another location.
Security Monitoring:
The web today is similar to the wild wild west in that there are numerous nefarious individuals that take joy in attacking and trying to hack into websites. Sometime this is for fun, sometimes for cyber vandalism, and sometime to secretly highjack computer resources for their own purposes such as spam campaigns. We constantly monitor our website using firewalls and intrusion detection so that we can immediately take appropriate actions should your website come under attack. This also involves continues update of virus scanning software.
Performance Monitoring:
We continuously monitor website load and response time to make sure adequate hosting resources are being provided and that you website is up and running. This also includes periodic maintenance of your database to make sure it is delivering providing optimal performance.
Configuration Support:
We support and execute any configuration changes you need to make to your e-community website, whether it is rearrangement of content, or changing user access rights. This service is included in your quarterly support fees.  Our goal is to manage the application for you, so you can focus on your content.  If you need a change, let us know, and it is done.
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