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Our websites are specifically designed for easy addition, change, and management of content without the need for any technical skills or cost of technical support staff.  If you can use Word, you have all the skills needed to use the integrated editor. Using this editor, you can change your webpage information directly on the website from any device without the need for any special software. You simply click on a controlled access "EDIT" button which allows you to directly edit displayed information.  Then click on "SAVE" and changes are immediately displayed on the published webpage.

We provide training and ongoing support on how to add, change, and manage your content.

We also offer content management services where we update and manage your content for you ff you do not wish to deal with updating website information. This can also include researching and sourcing content for your website if you do not already have a collection of information you would like to use.

The system also supports the ability to source content from a community of contributors with advance authoring and publishing approval workflow features.

Additional content services include advanced search engine optimization functions, and built in analytics that track page views, time on page, traffic source, etc., with all traffic information accessible directly from your website.  

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